Kềm cắt Kudos HYSC 45

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Product Character
Model No. HYSC-45

Length: 683 mm

Weight: 6.8 kgs

Max. Pressure: 700 bar

Oil Required: 147 cc

Max Output: 9.7 tons / 95 KN

Cutting Capacity:

Wire rope 6×722 mm

Wire rope 6×1225 mm

Wire rope 6×1925 mm

Soft Copper bar 32 mm
Soft Aluminium bar 40 mm
Soft steel bar 20 mm

Cu strands: 45 mm

AI strands : 45 mm

ACSR 45 mm

Cutting of piano wire is prohibited.


Light weight portable hydraulic cutter features.

Single action cylinder with spring return.

Guillotine type cutting for less jamming than shear type cutting.

No set-up time required.

Blades are easily replaceable.

180 degree swivel and lock pin type head allows easy cutting position.

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