Voltage Detector Bierer VIAV300

The VIAV300 is a Combination Proximity/Direct Contact Voltage Detector with an Audible Visual Alarm to Indicate the Presence of Voltage, with an Operating Range from 240V to 300kV Line to Ground. Activation Threshold Meets ASTM Thresholds.

VIAV300 Features:

  • Dual Application Design
  • Audio Visual Voltage Detector Detects 0 to 300kV Line to Ground (0 to 500kV Phase to Phase)
  • An Easy-to-See 360 Degree Light Array with a 112 Decibel Alarm
  • A Proximity or Direct Contact Meter on Overhead or Underground Systems
  • Meter can Detect Voltage from the Ground on Bare Overhead Lines when Hand Held
  • Test Capacitive Test Points and Secondary Voltage on Bare or Insulated Cables
  • Detects Line to Ground Values for Nominal or Induced Voltages
  • Water Resistant, and has a Strong Construction Designed to Withstand Wear
  • Contained in a Highly Durable Cotton Bag

Each kit contains a straight probe (81280LPM), hook probe (81280LHM), universal/grip-all (PA165UGA), instruction manual, storage bag (PD25AB).

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